Miga Health

Miga Health is a modern treatment platform for heart health

Miga Health

Miga Health is an end-to-end vertical treatment platform for hypertension (high blood pressure) centered around the consumer. Miga was founded by Dr. Jarrad Aquirre (Yale undergrad, Rhodes Scholar, Stanford MD / MBA) and Dre Limberopoulos (previous founder of a wearable tech company and an early employee at TrialSpark) in Q4 2021.

Miga Health is a digital-first provider of hypertension-related care. Consumers sign up for a monthly subscription to Miga, and will be able to purchase add-ons (e.g., medication and quarterly lab check-ins). In return, Miga will send the consumer a free cuff for measuring blood pressure and plans to offer additional services, including a virtual community, personalized coaching, gamified collection of blood pressure (BP) readings, data shared with a PCP or physician, medication management, and fingerstick labs.

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