Asymmetric brings strategic partnership to every stage of your company's growth. From getting your first customer to going public, we’ll be right there with you.

What we're excited about

Though nearly a decade has passed since “software is eating the world”, the reality of most legacy industry operating models remains static and offline. The increasing commercial relevance of data and predictive analytics is driving a revolution in how businesses operate.


We know marketplaces. The proliferation of digital marketplaces is reducing search costs and catalyzing efficiency gains across sectors. As digital adoption accelerates, we see significant white space for continued marketplace ascension in the coming decade.


Similar to other high fixed cost legacy industries, much of healthcare services remains in need of advanced technology. We see patient services and shifting payor models as ripe areas.

Healthcare IT

We expect continued disruption of the finance function, including payments, embedded fintech tooling, products serving the CFO suite, and insurtech.


Our value add

As founders and former operators, we partner with portfolio companies across all core operations: everything from hiring, KPI dashboards, and to go-to-market.

01 Operational

The journey of a VC backed company often includes several critical decision points, with implications across product, go-to-market, and operations. We relish the opportunity to partner with you on these choices.

02 Strategic

We are excited to be a data driven partner for all short and long term financial considerations.  This includes investment pace/burn, equity, venture debt, and future follow-on fundraises, among others.

03 Financial

When we invest

We believe Series “letters” have become less meaningful over time; however, we expect to invest from the typical Seed through Series B.

Early Stage

The most significant opportunities result from durable trends reshaping the largest industries. We look for evolutions measured in decades.

Structural Change, Large Markets

We look for resilient founders who are true domain experts that have a differentiated understanding of their industry, and will run through walls to make things happen.

Exceptional Founders

Our co-investors and partners include

Our process

30 minute first meeting with 1-2 Asymmetric team members.

Step 1

Review key diligence documents shared with our team.

Step 2

Follow-up meeting(s) to review diligence findings and key outstanding asks and meet the full Asymmetric investment team.

Step 3

Asymmetric Investment Committee meets on demand to review opportunities and make a final decision.

Step 4


What types of companies does Asymmetric invest in?

We invest in early-stage companies disrupting large markets with attractive unit economics. Learn more here.

What is Asymmetric’s investment process?

We have a transparent three step process to make the investment experience as smooth as possible for founders. We aim to give fast feedback and make efficient decisions.

  • First meeting: Pitch us and tell us about your company
  • Diligence: Dive into more of the details in subsequent meetings and, if we are feeling it on both sides, share some (hopefully) off-the-shelf data with our team
  • Term sheet/commitment: we’ll send you the terms of how we envision working together
How much does Asymmetric typically invest into a company?

We invest anywhere from $250k to $10M, depending on stage and whether we’re leading your round. With the co-invest power behind our LP base, we could flex up to $40M.

How do I invest in Asymmetric’s next fund?

Prospective limited partners can contact us at