Celebrating One Year of Asymmetric

December 21, 2022


Sarah Unger Biggs

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of our launch as a firm!  In the last twelve months, we’ve invested nearly $50 million in 41 companies, which, according to Pitchbook, tied us for 6th place among the most active VCs in Boston by deal count 🤯. 

In order to get there, our team has reviewed almost 1,300 pitches, taken over 500 first meetings, and dug into the data during active due diligence on hundreds of companies.


Our investments are in companies addressing large and important markets as far ranging as power grids, the skilled worker crisis, heart health, and the reseller economy.

Among those 41 investments, 15 represent what we call core checks of $1 million or more, meaning our core check investment hit rate is just shy of 1.2%. The remaining 26 investments make up our scout check portfolio, which represent smaller checks at the earliest stages that could one day become core checks.

We are so grateful; both to our investors for believing in and backing us and our founders for choosing to work with us to build their companies. 

Below, hear what our founders have to say about the experience of working with us. It’s been quite a year! We cannot wait to see what the next one has in store for all of us.


Thanks to Aaron Dignan, Jarrad Aguirre, MD, MBA, Andreas Limberopoulos, Michael Morris, Kevin Leland, James Kawas, Dana Dunford, James Thompson, Montana Scher, Fraser Simpson, Aníbal de Frankenberg, and Alex Marlantes for participating!