Halo is a market network that moves science forward by connecting companies directly with scientists for research collaborations.


Halo is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects advanced and elite science and technical experts to corporate sponsors for external research collaborations. Halo provides experts with access to corporate funding, resources and expertise, while sponsors are able to access larger, more diverse pools of external R&D resources (scientists, faculty, startups, etc). Halo also acts as the underlying system-of-record software to facilitate this workflow. Experts can search amongst proposal requests (“RFPs”) and submit responses via a portal. Sponsors can post and promote their RFPs within the Halo network, compare and evaluate responses, collaborate with colleagues, and execute NDAs, all via integrated functionalities. In addition, sponsors are able to set up a brand page where they can feature their technology interests, build up a followers list and accept unsolicited proposals from experts. Halo replaces an otherwise limited, time-intensive, and manual RFP process involving high search costs via personal contacts, email and MS Office tools. 

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Kevin Leland

Kevin Leland

University of Pennsylvania (Bachelor of Psychology), Northwestern University (MBA, Masters in Journalism)

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