Steve Wietrecki

Investor and Advisor



Steve Wietrecki has over 30 years of operating, advising and investing experience across a wide array of technology companies.  His diverse background includes having served as CFO, CRO and COO, which provides a unique perspective on how organizations grow and thrive.  Today Steve is an active investor and advisor in many companies, including Klaviyo, Sendoso and Decodable.  Prior, Steve served as CRO at Klaviyo from 2017 until early 2021.  Steve was COO of Rocana, which was sold to Splunk in 2017, and COO of Classpass from 2015 to 2016.  Steve has also held various executive and advisory positions across many other technology companies including Bit9 (now CarbonBlack), iPhrase Technologies (sold to IBM) and ON Technology (sold to Symantec).

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